Mission Statement
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Regarded as one of the finest visual and musical ensembles in the Northeastern United States, the Immaculata HS Spartan Marching Band has served its school and greater community proudly and capably for the better part of 30 years.

The program is all encompassing ranging from a strong and supportive administration, a knowledgeable and guiding faculty, a talented and dedicated staff, and an active parental support organization.

Together, these elements function as one in providing a high degree of opportunities for all members.

Band Philosophy
To further the development of each student as an outstanding young adult within his/her overall maturation process through the musical and movement arts.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Immaculata HS Marching Band is to provide young adults an activity that instills; pride, teamwork, motivation, leadership, self-esteem, values and respect recognizing the individuality in talents and contributions of all members. These traits are then carried forward in all future endeavors. Each Spartan member is regarded as a key player in a highly respected musical unit, reflecting a credit upon the entire organization and school which it represents.

Respect: Respect yourself as a person and a as member of the Immaculata marching band. Treat peers, volunteers, band parents, staff and administration, whether a member of the Immaculata marching band or any other organization, as you would like to be treated.

Commitment: The Immaculata HS marching band requires, needs and relies on your full commitment if we are to succeed. To make a successful organization, you have to put the band above and before all other outside activities.

Attendance: Part of your commitment is attendance. All band meetings, rehearsals, parades, exhibitions, contests and other gatherings of the band require your attendance.

Professionalism: At all times, professionalism is a necessity of the band. Whether in or out of uniform, you will always represent the school/band and will be looked upon by outsiders as such. Act professionally at all times.